Beyond technology, inside innovation.


From an idea to a finished product: DEA-HT is your partner for designing custom electronic solutions. Our expertise covers the entire process - design, production, industrialization, testing, and assembly - ensuring uniquely coordinated and seamless service.

At DEA-HT, we blend excellence in design and production of electronic devices with personalized and attentive customer service. This approach ensures high-tech solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our clients.

Dynamic Technology

The right balance between creativity and heart, with a focus on innovation.


10 years of activity.



1 million

pieces produced annually

17 million

in revenue

Passion and dedication to high technology meet at Dea HT, where we combine Italian ingenuity and engineering precision to create on-demand electronic devices.

Human relationships are crucial in supporting technology: our best projects develop from dialogue with the customer and the synergy of collaboration among our team's diverse professionals.

DEA-HT is a highly specialized company in the design, production, and industrialization of high-tech electronic devices, achieving excellence through smart, customer-tailored solutions.

Over a decade of excellence in electronics design and production with cutting-edge technologies.

What about Production?

It is Integrated

We tightly integrate design and production into a single continuous process.

DEA-HT strength lies in ensuring continuity across different development phases. This cross-sectional approach allows us to maintain complete control over each step, ensuring our client's initial vision is achieved with the utmost fidelity and quality.

We call it




It is the starting point of our process.



From the initial prototype to a design ready for mass production.



With a global vision of the process, we achieve large-scale production, embodying the values of technological excellence and quality.



Essential to ensure that every single piece works properly, complies with a high standard of quality, and is fit for purpose.



DEA-HT handles all phases of the process, till the delivery of the finished product.

Intelligent Versatility:
the heartbeat of DEA-HT.

The ability to embrace diverse requests and transform them into optimized solutions for the client is the driving force behind innovative connections and a comprehensive vision of the process.



Our "smartness" translates into the ability to have a complete vision of the process: High Tech is in our DNA.

We turn every challenge into an opportunity to build the future.

Our team of engineers and designers, deeply rooted in high-tech Made in Italy, transforms ideas into concrete solutions, managing every phase internally: from design to industrialization, assembly, and delivery of the finished product.



We are committed to sustainability. We adopt environmentally friendly technologies and develop sustainable projects to contribute to a greener and more responsible future.


Design means understanding the client’s needs and transforming them into a project.


For over 10 years, we have been leaders in the design and production of advanced integrated circuits.


With a global vision of the process, we achieve large-scale production, embodying the values of technological excellence and productive capacity.